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    I found this site today, looks great so far.
    Anyone remember Runescape classic????
    I have been developing a version of it for more than 3 years.

    You need Java & WinRAR

    XP Rate 32x
    Wilderness 1.5x
    Weekends 2x
    Elite Member 2x
    Max Stat 150
    All Skills Batched
    New Players start with full starter gear!
    Elite Members get double stackable loot
    Level 99 Guilds for all skills
    Bronze - Titanium Scythes and other custom rares.
    Gambler NPC & Clan Chat System

    Mining & Smithing
    Dragon, Khorium, Platinum and Titanium Ore, Bar and Armour.
    Woodcut & Fletching
    Magic, Mystic, Cork, Boojum, Gum, and Twisted Logs and Bows.
    Fishing & Cooking
    Shark, Manta Ray, Sea Turtle, Lava Eel, Pirahnas, Angelfish, Pufferfish, Dragonshark.
    Ashes, Big Bones, Dragon Bones, Magic Bones, Frost Dragon Bones, K'ril Bones.
    Dragonhide, Cloth, Dragonstone, Opal, Topaz, Jade, Onyx
    Woodworking Potion, Saradomin Brew, Super Prayer, Ultimate Attack, Strength, Defense, Ultimate Zamorak Potion.
    Wilderness and Non-Wilderness locations
    Wilderness Ancient Altars level 115+ for double runes and Exp.
    Thieving Chests
    Vial, Runes, Dragonhide, Arrowhead & Arrows, Fletching, Fish, Ore, Logs, Gems, Ingredients, Klanks, Shark, Bar, Potions, Bones, God Token Chests
    Magic Spellbook
    Magic Chef, Supersmith Item, Super Alchemy, Bones to Piranas!, and Charge Prayer
    Dark Runes - Combat Spells up to a strength 30 attack

    Imp Hunting

    Coloured imps wonder the map, they are hard to find.
    God Dungeons
    Gods drop God Tokens, Sword, Gloves, Boots and Amulet
    Frost Dungeon
    Frost Dragons and Frost Demons
    Tormented Dungeon
    Tormented Demons and Steel Demons
    Phat and Mask
    These can drop Phat or Mask!
    and many other bosses! Forums
    Active Update/Change log thread.

    Complete Holiday event schedule thread. present - Feb 2016
    An actively updated Wiki including content for all skills, also accessible with ::fishing, ::herblaw, etc. in game commands

    Extensive Landscape Additions

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