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    Post your best screenshots and short video clips here! Whether it's something awesome or embarrassing, whether you won 16-0 or got ran over by a camel or maybe you just have some beautiful scenery, we all have some media of action packed adventures. Share them with the world here.

    How to take a screenshot
    Press and hold
    the SHARE button on your DualShock 4 controller for at least one second.


    Press the SHARE button and press triangle to save the screenshot.

    Transferring a screenshot to USB drive
    1. Insert a USB drive into your PS4 (the ports are located at the front).
    2. Navigate to [Capture Gallery] on the PS4 menu (PS4 system software 1.70+ required).
    3. Choose the gallery that contains the screenshot you want to transfer. If you're not sure which gallery it's in, choose [All] and then [Screenshot] to narrow down your search.
    4. Highlight the screenshot you wish to transfer and press the Options button.
    5. Select the [Copy to USB Storage] option and press the X button.
    Don't have a USB drive? Upload directly to online services
    1. Press the SHARE button and select [Upload Screenshot].
    2. Select a screenshot.
    3. Select the online service you want to transfer the screenshot to.
    4. Select [Upload]
    Uploading the image
    Insert the USB drive into a computer or laptop OR visit the social media website and download the image (Right click the image -> Save Image As). Once you have the image file on your computer, click [Upload a File] when you're making a post on Gaming Forums and select the file. You can now insert it into your post.


    Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 players will need to use a capture card to upload screenshots in full HD quality, or you can use an external camera but the quality won't look as good.
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    Can't get embed to work on my phone, so here's a link.

    Summary: two quick kills with bladedancer, followed up with a clean headshot of a warlock using his super.

    Another in Black Ops 2:

    I always used a sniper as a close range weapon. Always.
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    That was pretty awesome
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    Which one? Lol I need to link to more, but I'm gathering them all up for a massive dump.
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