Should I start playing 07 Scape?q

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Doxicity, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Doxicity

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    I used to play a lot of Runescape years ago, but as of about 3 years ago I completely quit playing. I wasn't pleased with the progression of the game. But when 07 Scape was released, I never really jumped aboard. Now I hear rumors that Old School is pretty much dead and not worth playing anymore. I have to say that I wasn't pleased with how they added rare items into the game.

    Does anyone feel the same way? Or are these just false rumors, and it's still good and worth buying?
  2. Vegas

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    It has all just been a downward spiral. A lot of people seem to like the Legacy update, though. I might give that a shot one of these days.
  3. brwn

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    Personally, I've moved on from Jagex

    I started playing RS in 2001, and played on and off over the years.

    I started playing "olschool Runescape/ 07scape" when it first came out, but quit when I saw how they implemented rares like Party Hats and Halloween Masks.

    Since then I tried to play Runescape Classic, I am unable to play Jagex's Classic servers. (new players cant play rs classic on the jagex websites)
    I realized there is no way to actually play runescape classic without a private server, so I searched and played some private servers, none of them really fulfilled my "rsc experience" the way I wanted.

    2 years after that, I made my own classic server, and have developed it over the last 3 years. you can see it at, I also posted about it in general gaming forums.

    As far as Oldschool runescape, OSRS gold(1m) is worth more per dollar than almost all online games today, (because its still semi-new) but has significantly dropped since its release.

    Therefore in my opinion, still worth playing? yes.
  4. Sam

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    Slightly embarrassing since I'm most likely older than you guys but I still play occasionally whilst I'm browsing forums.


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