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    As I may have previously stated, and as you may be able to tell from the member list, we have more bot attacks than a lot of other mybb forums, I know this because the kind of protection we use against them is far from standard, and anything public that may help isn't really used by my checks. We've had this protection since week one a couple months ago when we were open for testing, configuration and custom plugins of ours. We started getting about 2 spam threads every minute in Russian, about sex and that stuff. A week before release I checked again, we got about 5-6 threads per minute, and now they've started making spam posts too.

    It's not a nuisance, anything that gets past our public and private filters (and is remotely suspected as spam, which so far is 100% of spam that gets past) is left as an unapproved post for moderation. Since I haven't had many flags from real posts, I'm going to toughen the security we have against these bots. It's not a pain for me to junk spam threads, but we have to do a recount and some other stuff and eventually it's a nuisance if it's in multiple threads (post wise), multiple forums (thread wise) and so on. This tougher security should be able to manage most of them that get through, however it may also effect legitimate users. If you're flagged by it and can't post at all then this is the reason, if your thread doesn't show up and you get a message saying it's in moderation, we'll deal with it. If it's marked as spam and you can't post at all, send me or Locke a PM with the message in hand and tell us it was marked as spam, I don't think this will affect many users, however, it's a notice for those who it may.

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