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    Anyone use this service? I'm a Pandora fan myself, switched a couple years ago. Was browsing the web, and saw Eternify. An app that plays 30 second clips using Spotify. It's also a scam that pays artists more.

    Eternify works like this:
    You select an artist, and clips 30 seconds long will play. The beauty (technically) of this is, Spotify pays artists $.006 per stream. And since it considers any listen at or above 30 seconds as a stream, this allows for faster revenue. It's no money horse, as it takes an hour of listening to pay out around $1, considering you can get 3-4 times the amount of streams in an hour, you(the artist, not the listener) earn that dollar faster than normal.

    This is just the latest scam against Spotify. There was a precious incident where a band had a silent song. Literally, nothing played for 45 seconds of the song, and then ended. The band was asked to remove the song, and eventually it was removed by Spotify. The band later released an album entitled "Official Statement" that had another silent song.

    I'm not sure what other streaming services pay artists, but $.006 sounds extremely low. Even spread across how ever large Spotify's member base is, it can't add up to much.
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    I'd say artists get paid quite a bit really. That's why they agree to it. Spotify is dirt cheap as well, and to profit hugely (like any company would want to) they're gonna be providing low pricing.

    Locke and I were talking about companies in general a while ago. Anyone that wants to make money is scum, businesses, banks, the government, lawyers... The list is almost endless. This is solely because they care about their profit. Artists get paid a lot anyway. I don't imagine YouTube pay any more thru Vevo (ads) to artists either. Difference is they don't define a stream as listening for 30 seconds.
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    Good point, hadn't thought about that money making method. It just seemed kind of low. First I'd heard of what Spotify pays out, and caught me off guard.

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