Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Darth_Marques, May 30, 2015.

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    So did anyone play KotOR on the original Xbox? It was also released on Steam, and I've logged roughly 100 hours in the first game, like 50 in the second. This counts multiple playthroughs, though the first I've played through about 6 times. Basically, it's a turn-based shooter but has great RPG characteristics. Basically, you choose your name, stats, looks, affinity (light/dark), and so on. The games are really old but I love them. And for anyone that's played/heard of The Old Republic (flailing MMO that isn't doing so hot), it's the "sequel" to KotOR 2.

    There's a lot of interesting lore in the games, and they do a very nice job explaining past history and events through the course of the game. Any fan of Star Wars should check these games out, well worth the hours put into them.

    Also, you can choose various classes to play as. Smuggler, soldier, etc in the beginning. Makes a difference on how you play your character through the game and effects health, save rolls, etc. I kind of call it the D&D of Star Wars lol.
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    I bought the port on my iPad a few days ago. I heard it was the full thing and I don't really use my iPad for anything other than photoshop, movie making, the internet and some ports so I was like, "Why not?"

    I'll start it and then get back to you :D
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    My brother said it was pretty close to the real game. But I'm the gamer that needs a controller to play games, mobile games just don't keep my interest lol.
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    I'm fine with mobile games. Unless I have to pay $10.00 just for an ad to stop showing every 3 seconds (and I don't normally mind ads. It's just when it DOESN'T"T LET ME PLAY CAUSE OF IT.)

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