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    Hello gamers!

    It's been quite busy here the last few days. Hardly even any time to breathe. There has been a lot of changes, and a lot of new things, and I've probably already forgotten half of them, so let's just get straight to it!

    There's a new style on the site, as I'm sure many older members have noticed. Our previous style was honestly quite bland and too flat. It was, of course, very nice and it's perfect for some communities out there, but sadly not ours. We've changed the design, and what's here now is likely to stay in its overall form, but there will be a lot of tweaking to the design itself to make sure it is easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. If you have any suggestions for the style, as always, drop us a thread in our Suggestions forum.

    We've added a wiki to our site. I feel as if this is a necessity for a gaming forum. Obviously, it's not going to be packed quite yet, and I'm not the most familiar person with developing a wiki, but I'm going to try and bring in some members who have excellent skills in writing and wiki development and see if they can help us out. Eventually, we'll open up the wiki to everyone, to view, and to collaborate and make new things on it. We plan to expand the wiki, with some information on a range of games, walkthroughs and other content. A wiki is a great thing to have for a gaming community in my opinion. Obviously it's not our top priority, but I want to offer everything we can to make Gaming Forums a great community overall, so we'll try and get it developed.

    Homepage / Gaming News
    The homepage has been updated. It now shows threads which are classed as 'featured'. Anyone can make these threads, and if we come across threads we want to feature, we do so and they are starred on the homepage. This section shows news on gaming events. A bit like what I was posting before. Things that are happening in the wider gaming community, such as Destiny DLC released, Ubisoft plans for the next Assassins Creed, etc. If you post a thread like that, I'll gladly feature it to our homepage under the spotlight :)

    Post Ratings
    These allow users to better provide their thoughts on posts, where comments aren't really necessary, or just get an overall thought on an idea. These replace the old 'Like' system that we had, but we still have a Like rating. These are found below every post (except your own posts) and you can rate them. So far we have a few general ratings, as I want to keep them relevant, but later on we'll expand them as I deem fit. I don't want too many, and of course not ones that are completely regardless, so we'll take care with them. You can see how many positive votes a person has received on their profile, and you can see how many of each rating they have received and given.

    User Tagging
    If you tag a user, you'll see their avatar next to the username. For example, hey @Robust. Quick note though, there isn't any Gravatar support yet. So if you use a Gravatar (globally recognised avatar) then I'm afraid your avatar won't show yet. It's planned for a future release.

    @D4nie3 is a new member on our team. His job functions as an Administrator, and will be giving us a helping hand in our journey. So please join me in welcoming him to our team :)

    This is our first wave of updates before Christmas, and hopefully we can develop on these ideas before. Talking about Christmas, I want to do some Christmassy things here but I don't know if our current userbase amount will permit. Anyhoo, cyas around.
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  2. Alex

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    A bit of a late reply, but excellent work! Everything is looking great, and I'm excited to see how the wiki turns out.

    Some "Christmassy" things would be neat, but like you said, it's a little quiet around here. Hopefully that'll change soon. :)
  3. Jacob

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    Welcome back. :p
  4. Nick

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    I actually really love the new design. So thanks Robust, also love the new tagging feature as well.

    I also agree with Jake, a little festivity might add some character to the forum.

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