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    Posting a Suggestion
    Before posting a thread with a suggestion please use the search tool to make sure it hasn't already been suggested. If it has already been suggested it will either be open for user comments and discussion, or as a closed thread. If it is closed that means either the suggestion has been implemented, or it has been denied. If denied, it will usually have a reason by a member of our staff team. Make

    Do not create duplicate suggestion threads, if the suggestion is closed and the staff member stated it may be a possibility for the future, you are free to reopen it. If the thread is already open and exists, do not create it again. Just reply to the thread with your thoughts on it.

    Replying to a Suggestion
    If a suggestion exists, feel free to reply to it with your thoughts on it, whether positive or negative.

    Use the like feature to show us how many people want this suggestion. This helps us know what the demand for it is, and helps us know whether or not to implement it. There is a like button below every post, like the first post in the thread to give us a show of who has interest in this.

    If you like, you can leave a reply with a comment, perhaps improvements to the suggestion, or anything related to it.
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    Well this is my video choice xD

  3. Nick

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    It might be me, but I now literally have to copy the link to my address bar instead of just pressing "play" on the videos posted in the thread ever since we started using that new thing for GF.
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