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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by God, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. God

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    Hey I'm going by GOD here. If the admin sees this, let me know what you have planned for this site. I heard about it back on ForumKorner back when Philly had it and I'm curious.

  2. Reaper

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    Hey, welcome to GamingForums.

    Well, I plan to make this a professional board. I see a lot of new boards, they don't really take a formal or unique approach to forums, and let's be honest, you'll always be copying because at the end of the day this is a bulletin board. What I want to make this forum is a bulletin board, where people can discuss things regarding gaming and have a blast. Every rule enforced will be enforced due to site policies, never because I dislike someone or so, I think that's the best way to ensure that everything is fair. I want to be in the mist of all of the gaming action, never the one outside that needs the attention, and my aim is to deliver what is written all around the site, a gaming forum.

    Obviously we'll have additional features, such as a marketplace and stuff like that, I think that always works nicely. I also threw in awards because, well, I think they're rewarding. They'll always be hard to get. And finally, to close off, this will never ever be a forum oriented towards making me money. I'd rather make a loss and see a nice board where people discuss about gaming, effort put in from our end (forum team) and the lot than see my pockets filled, inactive forum and a rainbow of userbars and username colours. For some that might be boring, especially people with money, but there are already boards with all of those features, such as the one you came from, but at the end of the day most discussion there is gaming and marketplace. Anyhow, it'll be fun for those who are real gamers, looking for help, looking to discuss. I'll start off some conversation myself.

    * The idea if rainbows should not suggest we will never have groups, likely a clan system to come at one point.
  3. God

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    Sounds good man! It looks like you are doing this for the right reasons.
  4. Ice King

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    Welcome to

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