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  1. Deadb4t

    Deadb4t Lieutenant

    Hey folks,

    I'm Deadb4t or dead before tea, or dead bat.

    Anyway I write code and put time into games when possible. I mostly play Warframe these days, mostly as its a quick thing you can jump into and out of. I pretty much only play on a PC that likes to hit 100 C and shuts down when it feels like it's doing too much work.
  2. Darth_Marques

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    First off, welcome to GamingForums! And secondly, Jesus H Christ. Look into water cooling that bad boy, its putting off enough heat to melt an igloo in winter.
  3. Deadb4t

    Deadb4t Lieutenant

    Laptop, and it keeps the room toasty, which is nice... I guess. Also it can play most things without shutting down providing a window is open ;)
  4. project

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    Welcome to Gaming Forums, Deadb4t!

    I am glad that you chose to register :).
  5. Reaper

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    Welcome to Gaming Forums :)

    I have a Mac, I can't play many games without the fans going crazy. Try watching a movie in bed, fans go crazy if it's under sheets for a while even. Back in 2006 or something I had a Packard Bell, the CPU blew up or something when I was doing something. It kept smelling of smoke, it was a few years old I think, but I just left it. When it got really bad I just opened a window or opened the case. It burnt away eventually I think lmao. One after that was a custom build ;) Only got a Mac now.

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