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  1. Jacob

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    Here you will find various tutorials that will assist you on this forum.

    Click the topic that you wish to learn about and it will take you to that thread where the tutorial is.

    Embeding Media (YouTube, etc.)

    More to be added!

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  2. Reaper

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    Thank you for this :)

    Going to be adding a lot of more media sites soon enough, Spotify, IGN, Gamespot, after all gaming does have a lot of videos in it.

    Done. Spotify, Vine and Soundcloud have been added music wise. IGN and Gamespot aren't SSL yet, so I can't use them here sadly.
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  3. project

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    Thank you for posting this quick guide, it should help the new members.
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  4. Jacob

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    OK, lets get started.

    Step 1

    First: Go to the video you want to embed

    Go ahead and grab the URL (the whole URL)

    URL - The address of a website/video, located at the top in the URL bar. (I shouldn't have to explain anymore, I hope!)

    Step 2

    OK, after you've grabbed the URL come back here and look for this:
    Click the Media Button to embed your video into your post.

    Step 3

    After clicking you should see this:

    Paste your URL in the URL box, underlined in red here, make sure to have http://www. in your copied URL.
    After you've pasted your URL click the Embed button, boxed out in blue here.

    Step 4

    Once you've done that, Xenforo will automatically take your YouTube video and convert it to be embedded!
    After clicking the "Embed" button, it should take you back to your post and display this:

    The text, that is underlined in purple here, should appear. Make sure that the text in between the code
    The code is
    [MEDIA=youtube]Your Video ID (NO URL)[/MEDIA]
    does not contain your videos full address.

    After all this, you should be able to embed your video and view it! Happy posting!
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  5. Nick

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    I don't record at all.

    However, I do enjoy watching Chris Smoove. Look at that cheese!

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