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    As anyone that knows how to fix most things on a PC, you've been called on to fix things you weren't really paid for.

    And aside from the cliché but oh so true "Have you tried turning it off and back on?" question, there's a bunch more to be shared.

    So be free, share them here. From your worst "clients" to the worst situation you could have been in to fix anything, share it.

    And if you have a few good stories to share, post them as well.

    I worked at a hotel as a manager for a couple years, and was in charge of Tech Support at the front desk. When we got a new user, I gave them a user ID and a password to login to the system. The worst employee I had under me didn't understand computers at all. Which wouldn't have been so bad, but this guy was in his late 20s at the time.

    So I had to write out a stupid book on how to do everything, step by step. This included logging in, which was basically just putting in the UID and password. After about a week, he had locked himself out of the system roughly 20 times. He couldn't remember his user id 99% of the time. So I made it easier for him.

    Now, the field for the username was something like
    User ID= 
    And the ID went directly after that ( basically a standard login box). So I assigned him 10t as his login. He had no problem remembering such an username, and never locked himself out after that.

    The end result of his login looked like this:
    User ID=10t
    Basically User Idiot lol. Rather clever, and deceptively cunning if I say so myself. He never had a problem logging in after that.

    I've also read that AT&T support puts that annotation in the notes of any clueless people that call in. This was a few months ago that I read this but at least I wasn't alone.
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    Well, I owned a Minecraft host a while ago, and also worked for quite a few. We got pretty funny customers at times. I have some screenshots, but usually we got clients that were... aggressive to say the least. One of the companies I worked at had their own troll department. Sometimes we got messages like "YOUR HOST IS SHIT I WANT MONIES BACK I WILL SUE YOU MY DAD WORKS FOR THE POLICE AND MY UNCLE IS THE PRESIDENT YOU WILL DIE IF U DONT REFUNDS MY MONIES SO U BETTER HURRY AND REFUND" We used to get much worse and funnier actually, people pretending to be parents, lawyers, someone pretending to be a world class boxer, anyway we had a troll department, if we got those tickets we'd just assign them to the troll department (it had some professional name for the actual customer to see). Their job was basically messing with them lmao. Unprofessional maybe, but it was hilarious seeing some of the responses they came up with. I kept a few screenshots when I left, I'm gonna go and find them later. There were some absolutely unbelievable ones, I can't remember it exactly but I was dying reading it. One tried to convince me his aunt was the Queen of Australia (so the Queen of the UK as well lol). A lot of swearing on a daily basis was expected. We gave simple instructions like "Have you tried restarting your server?" The signatures the support system (WHMCS) put in were longer than our responses half of the time.

    Honestly, Minecraft support is hilarious but it's tedious and boring eventually, because you're repeating yourself to people who make no attempt of finding the solution before contacting support with questions that are answered in the FAQ, knowledgebase, before making a ticket, Google, basically everywhere...
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    Reviving this thread because I've got a hilariously short story to share.

    Lady I work with owns a Galaxy Note 5. She asked me why her replies to a text appeared before the message received. I can't word it right, so I'll demonstrate.

    Text message: "Blah blah blah @ 10am" came in first.

    She replied: "blah @ 9:59am" was her sent reply.

    So her message was time-stamped before the original received message, causing her phone to sort it according to time. So her convos were messed up, sometimes terribly.

    I asked her if she was on network time or her personal time, and she looked at me blankly like wtf was I on about. Grabbed her phone, went to Settings, General, Date & Time, and checked the box for Automatically Update. Told her to text someone and wait for a reply.

    She came back 20 minutes later and hugged me. She's had that phone for a year and been dealing with that since she got the phone... I couldn't even at that point, and laughed.

    It blew her mind that this smartphone, nevermind the previous 15 years of phones, could automatically receive time and date info from the local cell towers. Which would then sync the phone to the network. The dawn of realization that such technology existed just astounded her.

    This lady is on Facebook quite often, on the same phone, and works with a computer all day. This scares me as a coworker.
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    Nope, still waiting. Probably going to postpone that. Recently decided to (re)start college and get a bachelors in CIS, focused on Web Development. And put some time into System And Database Administration. I'm figuring it'll be ~2.5 years before I graduate.
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    Not a bad idea, will probably help significantly finding a job. Sadly, it's what you got on paper, not what goes on in your brain.
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    Yeah, I know all too well about that. Job market isn't what it used to be, at least here in the States. I'm going through W3 tutorials to learn the basics of PHP now. It's helping but not quite enough. Next I'll do JS and MySQL. They all seem to resemble each other a good bit, from what I can tell so far anyway.
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    I never managed to do JS yet, personally. It's something I really need to work on, since it's used too much in the modern day.
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