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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Darth_Marques, May 23, 2016.

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    I started playing a lot more of this game in the past few days, and it's actually been pretty impressive. While I soloed the entire storyline, I finally did some matchmaking today in order to do some of the daily/weekly stuff that's out there.

    While the endgame largely consists of "go into the Dark Zone and get ganked by glitchers (or hackers on PC), Massive is releasing a patch May 24th (Overwatch's launch date...) that will address some other concerns among the community.

    While no weapon balance is being attempted (I still have nightmares from Bungie's attempts...), the Dark Zone will be seeing some major changes, as well as how you progress.

    The Dark Zone will see the brackets change, where anyone 200+ GS will be in an entirely different bracket now. Can't remember the current bracket, but it's somewhere in the range of 0-160 and 161+ and that's it. The change will add a third tier, where the tiers are:
    1. 0-160
    2. 161-199
    3. 200+ (max GS is currently 240 I think)
    Additionally, the Dark Zone extractions will be changing. Players will now be able to cut the loot extraction rope, causing them to go rogue. Immediately upon going initiating a rope-cut, you'll be flagged as Rogue and have to protect yourself while maintaining the 6 second cut timer. Once cut, the items will scatter across the extraction zone and the extraction chopper will leave. You'll have to restart the extraction after that!

    They're adding a new Incursion, that doesn't allow you to stand in one spot the entire time. Falcon Lost pretty much blew it on that, allowing players to camp in the ammo area and whittle down enemies. The new Incursion is said to require more mobility, so we'll see this coming Thursday how this will be.

    Changes to loot and progression:
    1. Crafting will no longer be the most direct way of leveling your GS up.
    2. Loot drops will be increased, as well as the % chance that it's something you need.

    That's about all the news I've got, but I'll keep adding more as the patch drops and players find out more about the changes. (I'll also post the full patch notes, and link to that thread here.)
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    I played the Division's beta and wasn't too hooked. Everyone told me it was the best thing since sliced bread and urged me to get it, still haven't gotten it lol.
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    Honestly, I had such a hard time wanting to play. Progression was slow and extremely unclear, plus the pvp portion is vastly different compared to any other multiplayer game. I bought it because, meh, it was my birthday and why not. But after owning it for 2 months, I finally got to the soft level cap. It's a Tom Clancy shooter, so it's got tons of guns and tons of enemies.

    It's major problem though, it doesn't draw me in. The fact that it's based off of the near future means that they can't (or shouldn't actually) go too far beyond the realm of reality. It just feels... Bland... You play as a high tech enforcer, braving the elements and localized apocalypse in search of a cure for the modified smallpox virus. Eventually, it just runs out of steam.

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