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    The latest information that has come across the Bungie Blog has been somewhat enlightening for the community. There's been a decent bit of information released about the roadmap for Destiny and future iterations of the game.

    The game has been having SBMM take a seat over the last few weeks, and CBMM has been given more priority. This has extended from the core modes, like Clash and Control, and into Iron Banner and other similar events for PvP. The result has been promising and Bungie has (so far) kept us in the loop about what the data looks like. They haven't actually stated or shared any of the collected data, but at the least we now know what's going on and why the Crucible suddenly got sweatier back in December.

    Updates (Spring Update coming soon)
    Bungie has stated that there is an upcoming update to the game world that will increase the Light Level cap and give some more content to PvE players. With a lot of the PvE community taking breaks from Destiny entirely, it's not surprising that this is finally happening. (I mean, it's been 2 months of "Bungie, we're bored!" posts on Reddit...) Anyhow, the actual time and date of this update, as well as its contents, are still unknown by non-Bungie employees.

    Also in one of the recent blog posts on Bungie, Deej alluded to the upcoming Fall DLC that is currently being worked on behind-the-scenes. We just found out that we're getting a spring update with PvE content, and know nothing about that currently. We also know nothing about this upcoming DLC, except that it's expected in the Fall this year, a few months ahead of the release of Destiny 2 (name still pending.)

    Destiny 2 is expected in the early part of next year (2017) but nothing has been pinned down right now. Originally slated for a Fall 2016 release, it was delayed until next year when the Live Team started dropping regular events on the Tower and Crucible.

    The next update that will hit your console could contain a world update to the old raids. Possibly where the Y1 rewards were reworked to be relevant (as in, the elemental damage types removed) and give us Guardians a reason (other than just for fun) to run the Vault of Glass, Crota's End, and the Prison of Elders. Or, it could be a simple "live" event again, or the reintroduction of the SRL to the game, possibly as a permanent solution. Of course, it could be some entirely new content. Judging from the content that was cut from the game pre-release, the devs could have found a use for some of the old assets still floating around unused in the game.
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