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    Signed up this morning on this grouping website for gaming. Its geared primarily toward Destiny on all platforms, but Borderlands 2 and BF Hard line support are in beta right now.

    You just input some basic info, such as age, play times, casual/serious, etc and it'll put you in a group of similar people. There's a chat box and posted game sessions within the group. You just click "Join!" on the event you want to join at the listed time and you have a group.

    It uses generic names, Delta Company 388 is my group. Groups are limited to, you guessed it, 100 players. Its incredibly simple. It isn't affiliated with Bungie, but has gotten several plugs recently from Deej, Bungie's official patch note poster.

    Thought this was an awesome idea, better than some of the ideas I've seen and easier than PlanetDestiny's grouping mechanic. I'm giving it a shot because my friends basically stop playing a month or so prior to new content dropping while I just play solo.
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    They should make this work for GTA heists and missions
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    It may be a while. The owner is currently developing the mobile app, so website updates and changes are slow right now. But in the few weeks I've been signed up, its been great. Hopefully they'll add support for multiple games, and not just Destiny.

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