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    Gaming Forums' Official Trouble in Terrorist Town Server
    Server Information, Rules and Guidelines

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    Hey there, terrorist.

    Welcome to Gaming Forums' TTT server. Our server originates from our community, Gaming Forums. We believe in fair and fun gameplay. The server was created initially because other servers had some sort of shortcoming in providing a level of fun, either max player counts being too high for enjoyable games of TTT, or donators ruling the game. Gaming Forums intends to balance these out, to make sure everyone joining our server leaves after having fun. This guide will explain some of the basics of TTT and our server.


    1. No RDMing

    If you don't know what RDMing is, it means random deathmatch. If you are an innocent, don't kill anyone in the game unless you have definite suspicion of them being traitor. Valid reasons include:
    • You're the only two players left
    • You are being shot by the player
    • You saw them shoot someone, they either didn't ID the target or they ID'd the target and they were an innocent
    If you are killed randomly, after dying a menu will pop up for you to be able to report them. When reporting, you are able to see a log of the events before your death. This will show whether or not they were a traitor. Please only make a report if you were killed by an innocent, and it was unjustified. Explain the situation and submit a report. An admin will look into this report and take care of it. Accidental killing is much different from RDM. An admin will notice this in logs. We are also able to replay the clip and see exactly what happened.

    Punishments for RDMing:
    1. First offence: Warning (if only one person, otherwise see point two)
    2. Second offence: Slain the next round (if multiple people or did it again, intentionally, after first warning)
    3. Third offence: Kick from the server

    2. No Propkilling
    Very simple, don't kill people with props. You can use props for other things though. Don't use props to push people out of the helicopter in the map vessel either, for example.

    3. No micspam
    You are able to talk. A faulty mic (with minor hissing or static) is fine, not everyone can invest in expensive equipment. Integrated mics into your laptop can also be a bit of a problem, but that's alright too. Use push to talk though. Only push the key to talk when you need to talk. Don't leave it on. Don't play music via your mic either, or make random yelling sounds constantly. Pretty simple again. Talk normally really.

    4. Don't hack
    Don't use any hacks. We want to make TTT gameplay fun and fair for everyone. At the end of the day, it's a game. We come here to have fun, not to be dominated by a hacker. Learn to get better at the game, and practice. It feels much better. Hacks are useless.
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