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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Darth_Marques, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. Darth_Marques

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    I don't know if anyone ever used Opera. I used it briefly, mostly when there was still a huge gap in the browser market. When Firefox was still fledgling and hopeful, before Chrome was released. Well, the former CEO of Opera has restarted his dream. Left his old company and created Vivaldi. I'm downloading now.

    Vivaldi is only in beta, the download is a Tech preview*. Full customization, as well as keyboard shortcuts that are fully customizable. And, they are working on Spatial Navigation, which is navigating the web AND browser with just your keyboard. Useful on laptops mostly. Plus many more features. [Vivaldi is available on Mac, Linux, and Windows.]

    So far, it looks decent. Uses far less RAM compared to Chrome. Given more development, I'd actually say it'll be my daily driver. Chrome is becoming more and more bloated (and a resource-hog). I'll post back after I've run Vivaldi through it's paces and see how it reacts to various web pages and situations. As well as how customizable it is in its current build.

    *A lot of the features aren't functional just yet. Additionally, the build may not be 100% stable, so download at your own risk.

    Update: After messing around with it a bit, it's fairly nice. Much faster page loads than Chrome in some instances. I'm actually impressed by the UI. I'll make a list of keyboard shortcuts (default) for navigating without a mouse. I'll upload some screenies as well.

    Tabs, address bar, etc are movable. Side/bottom/top placement as well as completely disabling them.

    Notes. Can't really say much else, but I do like having this feature handy like this.
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  2. Reaper

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    Looks good, I might install it later today on my Mac. I remember Opera, it was my main go-to browser, on my Android phone at the time and my PC. Loved it. Ended up moving to Chrome since it wasn't really showing improvements and the Android version was a bit buggy, and with Chrome being excellent in Android 4.3 it was definitely a good reason to move. Vivaldi looks quite nice. Chrome does OK but there are some parts that really annoy me, I've went back and forth Chrome and Safari for months now, and they both have their bugs and limitations. Once it gets polished up I might try it as a primary browser.
  3. Darth_Marques

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    I've been using for a few hours. Despite being a preview, I enjoy it. I think if it keeps up like it has, it'll be my daily. Between the 4 browsers I have installed, its number 2 right now. Firefox is 3. Chrome is still my main, though that may change soon enough.
  4. Reaper

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    Firefox was never really my thing. I found it slow, and it kept crashing on my old Windows PC, took too long to load itself straight after a system boot, granted my old Windows PC was about ~4 years old. Never used it since though, I never got used to it for some reason.
  5. Creaky

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    Looks good from the screenshots, will have to install it to see what it's like.
  6. Darth_Marques

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    Yeah, I got on the Firefox train pretty much on release day. I was in high school, and naturally all the computers ran IE. So we hacked the passwords (it was XP, there were tons of ways to remove the hidden admin account pw) and installed Firefox on just about every computer we could. Ah, the days of bypassing school web censors...:rolleyes:
    After several hours use, it's fairly decent. I wouldn't call it a power browser just yet, but it's pretty close. And surprisingly stable... I'm curious how it'll handle extensions in the future. If it's anything similar to Chrome, then I'll have to file it away under "been there, done that."
  7. Darth_Marques

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    After a couple days of use, I actually enjoy Vivaldi. I haven't found any bugs so far, other than some functionality just not working yet. I'm anxious to see a full working build, as I would love to integrate my email with the browser. Everything else seems to just work though.

    Synopsis: A great browser, on par (or better even) than Chrome in most aspects. Customization is great. The only item I really don't understand is the search bar on the right...you can still search in the address bar via your favorite search engine. I could see it being useful if it would open the search query in a separate tab. Other than that, great browser with plenty of room to grow.
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