Username Colours, Image Proxy, Search Enhancements, Speed Improvements and More!

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    Today was quite a busy day, a number of new features have been added to the site. Most of them are just useful tools that I hope you enjoy.

    Username Colours
    This is less of a colour, more of a shadow but hey. VIP upgraded members get an orange shadow, MVP upgraded members get a green shadow and the staff team gets a blue shadow, the same as their respective user banner.

    Image Proxy
    I don't think many of you will really care about it, but some of the effects should be noticeable. We now use a different image proxy, meaning all images are cached accordingly, better for users, better for the server too. This will be a massive improvement in speed for media.

    Search Enhancements
    The search system has been changed. It's now faster, and has more content types available to search for. You can search for profile posts, posts, threads, conversations, users, and moderators can search for reports. You can view the search feature here.

    Posting Areas
    Every profile now has a new section called Posting Areas. This is a list of where a member posts the most, when their last post was in that area and their overall post count in that section, ordered by post count by default. This can be viewed on any profile.

    Speed Improvements
    Improved caching mechanisms ensure that the website is faster to serve results, find new content and so on.

    Post and Thread Linking
    This can be found explained fully in our BB Codes help page.

    [THREAD=threadID], [POST=postID] - Thread and Post Linking
    Links to the specified thread or post with the specified anchor text.
    Thread: [THREAD=10]View This Thread[/THREAD]
    Post: [POST=20]View This Post[/post]
    Thread: View This Thread
    Post: View This Post
    [thread=25]Gaming Forums[/thread]
    [post=77]Post by Alex on the above thread[/post]

    Navigation Changes
    Help and Account Upgrades has been added to the navigation. There's also a sale for account upgrades for the next week.

    I'm going to try and find more ways to incorporate the trophies system as something users actually wish to work for. VIP and MVP now get trophies for upgrading. Future uses of trophies will include username changes, user banners, and some other things that aren't over the top. Earning trophies is free, yes :). See

    More Smilies
    I've added many more smilies. See a full list here.

    Lots of Forums Removed
    Most of them were inactive and not necessary. I've added a few, they're quite general but they should do. Once topics start getting activity, we'll get back to the previous layout and give them their own forums.

    VIP Features
    VIP Members now have more features, available on the upgrade page.
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