What do you think of Donald Trump?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Reaper, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. Reaper

    Reaper Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    What are your opinions on Donald Trump?

    Personally, he's a better candidate than Kanye West lol (biggest joke in American politics, and I'm not even American)

    As for the guy, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump

    He couldn't even handle one relationship (three marriages gg), never mind be the president of the US.
  2. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    Honestly... He was successful twice. Went bankrupt the first time, and rebuilt. Now he's successful again. On a financial basis, he'd probably be great. However, I really don't see him being POTUS ever lol.

    Key thing here is, he'll likely make everyone on welfare and all those govt aid projects, get actual jobs. As it is now, its waaaaaay too easy to do nothing and get paid for it. Literally. I've seen people with Cadillacs get their welfare check cashed, and talk on their iPhone 6+ while they get it. Too much money is being given to these people, and they game the system to get this stuff. I'm slightly ticked at this, because I work 40 hours a week and barely scrape by but don't qualify for it BECAUSE I HAVE A JOB.

    Minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, and after the math, a single person can't live off that. I make $11 an hour, and have 2 kids to feed... And can't get a better job at the moment, because I'm a white (actually Hispanic) male. I've been searching for 6 months but haven't gotten an interview. Meanwhile, my wife can apply at 3 places and get 2 interviews within a week. This is how the world works now, and it really sucks for people like me. Mainly, I'm the man of the house and feel I should be able to get a new job with ease... But, being white (Hispanic) male brings me so much trouble in actually finding anything...

    Anyhow, I doubt he'll get it. Too many people living off the ole govt and they also have majority vote (look at who is currently in office, Obama.) I'm not racist, or even trying to cast that card but the facts are right there in history lol.

    Financially, I'd love him. But its hard enough to get a job now, and adding any more to the pool from govt aid programs isn't enticing.

    Disclaimer: this info may or may not be correct. I hate politics, and don't follow any of the candidates, promises, or polls. That may be what's wrong with the country, but choosing the better of two evils just isn't enticing.
  3. Reaper

    Reaper Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I've been saying that to people for ages. The UK has an absolutely ridiculous benefits system, to be honest regulating benefits much more is needed, right now you need to apply for 5 jobs a week and 1 visit to the Jobcentre a week (so 5 emails and you can apply to jobs you'll never get to make sure you stay on benefits and 1 hour of your time for benefits). It's a joke how people sitting on their asses all week get so much money, while people work and are paying taxes to fund other people's entertainment.

    Seems to be the way the world works, did that AT&T job not work out? Worst case scenario, make your own job, that's what all those billionaires ended up doing, college dropouts and now billionaires. Look at Zuckerberg. He's barely 30.
  4. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    I've thought about it, but have no idea where to start.
  5. Nova

    Nova Colonel

    I actually know a little bit about this kinda stuff, I've been following US and World News a bit lately.

    So what I think of him: I don't like him as a choice for President. Sure, he was successful but that doesn't mean he'd be a great President (I also don't like his Vic President very much.) I think that his ideology is wrong. I think that he has his head in the wrong place when it comes down to things and focuses on the bigger and negative aspects of things and sorta uses genera stereotype as a way of thinking.

    I also hate they way he speaks. He speaks so rudely to America, and I can't imagine him speaking to World Leaders like that, especially Mr. Putin.

    However, I DO like the way he says Chine:
  6. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    He speaks like he's out-of-breath Batman, trying not to pass out. Also, he's very...politically incorrect, to be politically correct. (I hate all the PC going on BTW. ) Yeah, he's not a great candidate. But neither are the rest of them. Maybe Bernie Sanders, but I'm not following it all that closely.
  7. Nova

    Nova Colonel

    I actually like Bernie Sanders out of all the candidates. I don't like Chris Christie, I'm not too big a fan of Clinton, I don't like Trump, and everyone else, well.... no.
  8. Darth_Marques

    Darth_Marques Administrator Staff Member Administrator Premium

    I need to look these guys up... But I think Bernie would be great, from the little I've heard.
  9. lindsey4real

    lindsey4real Lieutenant

    Trump is an asshole.
    Bernie all the way.
  10. Reaper

    Reaper Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Should just make me president tbh and ignore the "must be born on US soil" law. I'm the solution to all problems.
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  11. Darth_Marques

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    Obama supposedly was born in Hawaii. I don't believe it.
  12. Nova

    Nova Colonel

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